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French Program Requirements

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  • Steve Haslam

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The French Program offers a minor in French. This program is designed to help students deepen their sensitivity of language in its everyday and artistic forms and to understand cultures other than their own.

Entering students wishing to continue with a world language studied elsewhere are assigned to appropriate courses on an as-needed basis through placement tests and/or interviews (by appointment with Language Faculty). Students who have completed one or two years of high school language study are usually eligible for FREN 111. Students who have completed three or more years of high school level language are specifically excluded from FREN 110 and FREN 111; faculty may therefore initially place an incoming student in a 200-level course, if prior study reached an intermediate level. Placement does not reduce, however, the total number of hours needed for major or minor requirements in world language.

Program Requirements

A maximum of 12 external hours (transfer, CLEP, Prior Learning, Challenge exam, or other external language exams) may be applied toward the minor (see below under “Additional Requirements and Procedures”). French 110 is not counted toward the minor.

Students must meet the university-wide graduation requirements in addition to the French Minor:

  • 124 total hours
  • 30 upper division hours
  • WCore or Honors College requirements

French Minor

Requirement Description Credit Hours Prerequisites
I. Required Courses 12  
FREN 111 French II 4  
FREN 220 French III  4 FREN 111
FREN 221 French IV  4 FREN 220
II. Elective Courses 8  
Additional 300- or 400-level courses  8  
Total Hours for the French Minor 20  

*Students wishing to minor in French are advised that, due to the size and staffing of the Language Department, many language courses have only one section in a given semester. Night students wishing to minor in French are asked to note that most of the language classes are not offered in the evenings and must be taken as day classes. For further information and advising please see the chair of the Language Department or French faculty.

Additional Academic Requirements and Procedure for the French Program

Note: Please consult your individual academic major listings in this catalog for any language requirement under their governance.

Native Fluency—Students demonstrating native fluency in a language other than English may request and receive upon proper documentation a waiver for the world language requirement for the major (see Language Department or Registrar’s Office for proper procedure). No credit, however, is awarded for this waiver.

Transfer Credit—Only a maximum of 12 credit hours may be transferred toward the Spanish or French minor. Transfer credit may apply toward the 16 hours world language required for the International Business degree. Transfer hours beyond the 12-hour minor limit may apply toward total hours for graduation (see the Registrar’s Office for details).