French Courses

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FREN - French Courses

FREN-110: French I (Credits: 4)

A novice introduction to the written and spoken structures of the language. Cultural appreciation also emphasized.

FREN-111: French II (Credits: 4)

Continued development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as cultural appreciation.

FREN-220: French III (Credits: 4)

An intermediate conversation/composition course with some emphasis on grammar.

FREN-221: French IV (Credits: 4)

Students will view various French movies which have been chosen because of their historical, cultural, or linguistic importance. All of these movies will have English or French subtitles and will became the subject of "intermediate" conversations and written compositions in French. Assignments will integrate grammar review, vocabulary, and the study of idiomatic expressions.

FREN-300: Special Topics in French (Credits: 1 to 4)

This changing-topics course provides a variety of on-campus special interest French language courses, as well as May Term travel courses. Recent courses have included Conversational French, Cinma en Classe de Franais, and French Gastronomy.

FREN-320: Advanced French I (Credits: 4)

Continuation of advanced conversation/composition with emphasis on French literature and culture. Some review of intermediate and advanced grammar.

FREN-321: Advanced French II (Credits: 4)

Continuation of advanced conversation/composition with emphasis on French literature and culture. Some review of intermediate and advanced grammar.

FREN-370: Survey of Literature (Credits: 4)

The reading of representative French masterpieces to provide an to provide an understanding of the major literary and intellectual developments in French civilization. Analyses of the works enlighten problems of translation, critical approaches, and aesthetic principles.

FREN-387: Undergraduate Teaching (Credits: 1 to 2)

Advanced students work as teaching assistants in FREN 110-111. A maximum of two credit hours of FREN 387 may be applied toward the major or minor. This course is repeatable for credit.

FREN-401: Directed Studies (Credits: 1 to 4)

A tutorial-based course used only for student- initiated proposals for intensive individual study of topics not otherwise offered in the French Program. Requires consent of instructor and school dean. Recommended for advanced students only. This course is repeatable for credit.

FREN-440: Internship (Credits: 1 to 8)

Offers students the opportunity to integrate classroom knowledge with practical experience. Students will be graded on assigned coursework and evaluation by their site supervisor. Prerequisites: 60 college credits completed (for transfer students at least 15 hours competed at Westminster or permission of instructor), minimum 2.5 GPA, and consent of faculty advisor and Career Center internship coordinator. Interns will work for 42 hours per each registered credit. This course is repeatable for credit. Some majors limit how many internship credits may count towards the major, consult your faculty advisor. REGISTRATION NOTE: Registration for internships is initiated through the Career Center website and is finalized upon completion of required paperwork and approvals. More info: 801-832-2590 -center/internships.html

FREN-440S: Internship (Credits: 1 to 8)