IPSL Global Engagement

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Westminster serves as the institution of record for IPSL-Global Engagement


Faculty:  Thomas Winston Morgan

Program Goals:

IPSL's global programs engage students, educators, and grassroots organizations around the world in hands-on, community-based Service-Learning to promote equitable relationships, social justice, sustainable change, and a commitment to our shared humanity.


There is ample evidence demonstrating that peaceful social movements are highly successful in creating positive change worldwide.  Even in countries where voluntary action is more informally structured, there still exist community organizing and social activism in one form or another. It is therefore critical that students seeking to contribute to global change know what these models are and how they work to be effective in their chosen fields. Regardless of their career path, students learning and developing community organizing and activism skills expand the slate of abilities to help them more engage effectively in empowerment and leadership in a variety of settings.

Through ethical, community-based Service-learning programs, IPSL provides opportunities for students to make people-to-people connections with social change organizations all over the world. Opportunities through IPSL include engaged studies abroad, internships, fieldwork, preceptorships, immersive language study, graduate study, and global participatory action research (GPAR).

IPSL Courses

IPSL 01.1, IPSL 02, IPSL 03, IPSL 04, IPSL 05, IPSL 08



IPSL Language courses may be taken for 1 to 9 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  


CHN 225.1, CHN 226.1, CHN 325.1, CHN 326.1



FRN 225.1, FRN 226.1, FRN 325.1, FRN 326.1



GER 225.1, GER 226.1, GER 325.1, GER 326.1



JPN 225.1, JPN 226.1, JPN 325.1, JPN 326.1



SPN 225.1, SPN 226.1, SPN 325.1, SPN 326.1