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Entrepreneurship Minor Program Requirements

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  • Dax Jacobson, Academic Advisor

Students in any major across campus can elect to complete an entrepreneurship minor in order to learn the art and science of starting your own business. Students interested in adding a minor in entrepreneurship to your academic programs are encouraged to contact a faculty advisor in entrepreneurship to discuss how this minor can assist you in achieving your career goals.

Course work required in the Entrepreneurship Minor cannot be used again as electives in Management, Marketing or other majors. Only course work that is required in both programs can be used twice (e.g., ACCT 213).

The minor in entrepreneurship is designed to:

  • Help students learn to think in highly unstructured and ambiguous situations where you learn from feedback, including failure.
  • Equip students with the unique set of skills related to conceptualizing, planning, testing, and launching a new enterprise.

To fulfill requirements for a minor in entrepreneurship, students must complete the courses listed below. Students must maintain a 2.3 GPA in courses required for the entrepreneurship minor.

Requirement Description Credit Hours Prerequisites
I. Required Courses 24  
ACCT 213 Financial Accounting 3 BUSI 101A/B/C
COMM 326 Introduction to Web Writing and Design 4  
FINC 410 Raising Money for New Business 2  
MGMT 310 The Entrepreneurial Mindset  2  
MGMT 311 Business Model Development  2  
MGMT 411 Managing Growth  2  
MKTG 300 Principles of Marketing  3 BUSI 101A/B/C
MKTG 303
Professional Selling  4 MKTG 300
MKTG 305 Entrepreneurial Marketing 2  
Total Hours for the Entrepreneurship Minor 24  

Note: All students must complete 124 hours of coursework to graduate, 30 hours of which must be upper-division (300-level or above). Students may need to take other courses to complete the university’s credit hours requirement.

Please refer to the Undergraduate Degree Requirements section of this catalog for information about restrictions when completing a major and a minor or two majors.