Diversity Equity and Inclusion Certificate Program

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Undergraduate Certificates

Undergraduate Certificates give students a grounding in a particular skill set, allowing them to supplement their major with learning in other disciplines. Each certificate aligns with National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) career readiness competencies, which include Communication, Equity and Inclusion, Leadership, and Technology. Each certificate culminates in an Applied Experience, an internship or service-learning course that involves students in applying their learning outside the classroom. Internships for the Arts and Social Justice Certificate must be approved by the certificate advisor and arranged through the Career Center for 3-4 credit hours. Faculty coordinators for internships must be from the program in which the internship is listed.

Some certificates include WCore and Honors courses, which can meet requirements both in the certificate and in WCore or Honors. Note that certificates are designed for undergraduates enrolled in a degree program, and only students completing certificates as part of a degree are eligible for financial aid.

Program Requirements for DEI Certificate 

Advisor: Tamara Stevenson

Complete all courses with a minimum grade of C-.

Requirement Description Credit Hours Prerequisites
I. Required Courses  8  
COMM 365 Intercultural and Global Communication 4  
Take one of the following:     
        SOC 205 Social Problems 4  
        HON 211 Global Welfare and Justice 4 Honors College students only
II. Elective 4  
Take one of the following courses:
GNDR 101 Gender, Sex, and Identity 4  
HIST 319 American Women's History 4  
HON 222 Science, Power, and Diversity 4 Honors College students only
LMW 368 US Minority Literature 4  
PHIL 221 Ethics of Diversity 4  
III. Applied Experience 3-4  
Take one of the following courses:
EDUC 302 Foundations of Education in a Diverse Society 4  
EDUC 309 Advocacy Under the Dome 4  
JUST 221 Community Justice 3  
Internship (must be approved by the certificate advisor) 3-4  
Total Hours for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate 15-16  


Double Dipping Between Certificate and Majors/Minors

“Double-dipping” here refers to (1) allowing students in a particular major or minor pursue a particular certificate and (2) allowing students who pursue a certificate alongside a major/minor to count a course toward both programs. The following guidelines relate to double-dipping between majors/minors and certificates that share courses. No other restrictions apply for programs that do not share courses with particular certificates. 

Students in the following majors/minors and also concurrently pursuing the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate MAY count courses towards both programs:

  • Educational Studies major or minor
  • Elementary Education major
  • History major or minor
  • Literature, Media, and Writing major or minor
  • Film Studies minor
  • Gender Studies minor
  • Outdoor Education & Leadership major or minor
  • Philosophy major or minor
  • Sociology major or minor
  • Special Education minor
  • TESOL minor

Communication majors or minors MAY count COMM 365 toward both programs.  Communication majors or minors who pursue an internship to meet a Communication requirement must complete an additional internship for a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion or Arts and Social Justice certificate. That is, the same internship cannot count toward both a Communication major or minor and an Undergraduate Certificate.

It is otherwise assumed that an internship completed as part of an Undergraduate Certificate may also count toward a major or minor.