Japanese Courses

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JAPN - Japanese Courses

JAPN-110: Japanese I (Credits: 4)

An introduction to Japanese writing systems, the sounds of Japanese (the spoken language), and basic reading. Cultural topics as well as business protocol are also emphasized.

JAPN-111: Japanese II (Credits: 4)

A continuation of the goals pursued in JAPN 110; writing systems, sounds, reading and culture.

JAPN-220: Japanese III (Credits: 4)

This is an intermediate, second year Japanese class that intensifies the study of writing, speaking, and reading skills. Continued emphasis on cultural topics, particularly business protocol.

JAPN-221: Japanese IV (Credits: 4)

Students will acquire the skill to speak Japanese in the normal flow for a few minutes. Students will also improve reading and writing kanji, learn more of Japanese culture and business practice, and cultivate friendship among students and with Japanese people.

JAPN-300: Special Topics in Japanese (Credits: 1 to 4)

Topics of interest and importance not covered by regularly scheduled courses. May be listed as "JAPN 220 Japanese III" and/or "JAPN 221 Japanese IV".

JAPN-401: Directed Studies (Credits: 1 to 4)

A tutorial-based course used only for student- initiated proposals for intensive individual study of topics not otherwise offered in the Japanese Program. This course is repeatable for credit.