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New and Returning Student Orientation Programs

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New Student Orientation (NSO)

To help you adjust to life at Westminster, there are orientation experiences for first-year and transfer students, as well as events that will help you get to know and be involved in your new community. New Student Orientation is a mandatory program for all new students, with programs offered both fall and spring semester. Students who are entering the fall semester will attend either the New Student Orientation (first-year students) or Transfer Orientation. Students entering in the spring semester will attend Spring Orientation.

First-Year Students

Before attending New Student Orientation, all first-year students will attend a New Griffin Registration. At New Griffin Registration, first-year students will register for classes, meet with the Financial Aid office, and set up a payment plan. After completing New Griffin Registration, first-year students will then prepare for New Student Orientation in August, which is a two-day program. New Student Orientation is required for all students and first-year students are expected to attend each program day. First-year students will also be assessed a $300 orientation fee.

Transfer Students

Transfer students entering for the fall semester are required to attend the Transfer Orientation, a one-day program in August (usually the day before classes start). This program is designed specifically for students who have previously attended another institution. Transfer students will be assessed a $100 orientation fee, which covers the cost of their program.

Returning Students

If a student is returning after two or more years, they will need to attend another orientation program upon the semester they return. Since many services and resources change/update within a two-year period, completing an orientation program is valid for two years. If students have question about this, please contact the Dean of Students Office.