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Undergraduate Tuition and Fees (2023-2024)

Description Tuition
Fall and Spring Part-time students, (1–11 hours) $1,704 per credit hour
Fall and Spring Full-time students (12–16 hours, inclusive) $20,488 per semester (inclusive)
Fall and Spring Overtime per hour surcharge (above 16 hours) $20,488 + $1,704 per credit hour above 16
Audits (any semester) $852 per credit hour
Summer Term $1,704 per credit hour
Competency-Based Education Programs -- Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science (RNBS) $500 per credit hour

Fixed Pricing

Students enrolling in the BBA program during the 2023-2024 academic year will pay $500 per credit hour. A total of 60 credit hours are required to complete the program for those with a completed AA or AS degree. Tuition includes all program costs including books (for BBA classes) and access to all program functions. The tuition price will remain fixed for five years, as long as the student progresses satisfactorily (i.e., by taking no more than two semesters off).

Round River and IPSL Global Engagement

Westminster University serves as the School of Record for Round River Conservation Studies and IPSL Global Engagement.  Students who enroll in courses under a School of Record agreement are charged a custom fee that is based on location and duration of the study away program and are not charged standard Westminster undergraduate tuition rates. 

Summer Tuition & Earned Rate Reduction

Undergraduate Credit Hours Total Tuition With 50% Reduction Earned* With 80% Reduction Earned**
1 $1,704 $852 $341
2 $3,408 $1,704 $682
3 $5,112 $2,556 $1,022
4 $6,816 $3,408 $1,363
5 $8,520 $4,260 $1,704
6 $10,224 $5,112 $2,045

For each full-time semester completed in the current academic year, students earn a percentage reduction in the cost of their summer tuition. 
*To earn 50% reduction you must have completed 1 semester in current year
**To earn 80% reduction you must have completed 2 semesters in current year

Summer rates Exclude May Term Study Experiences (MTSE's), GEOL 360: Field Geology, and internship courses.  In these cases, no tuition is charged and there is an an administrative fee of $100 per credit.  This cost reduction does not apply to the RN to BS in Nursing or Bachelor of Business administration programs, or any other specialized undergraduate program.  

General Fees

Student Activity Fee Per Semester
Full-time undergraduate students (12 hours and above) $55
Part-time undergraduate students (7–11 hours) $42
Part-time undergraduate students (2–6 hours) $29

The student activity fee covers the following items:

  1. Associated Students of Westminster (ASW) membership and class membership dues.
  2. A series of social events.

Technology Fee Per Semester
Full-time undergraduate students (12 hours and above) $134
Part-time undergraduate students (7–11 hours) $101
Part-time undergraduate students (2–6 hours) $68
Part-time undergraduate students (1 hour) $0
Myriad Fee Per Semester
Undergraduate students (2 hours and above) $1
Environmental Fund Fee Per Semester
Undergraduate students (2 hours and above) $2
Student Publication Fee Per Semester
Undergraduate students (2 hours and above) $6
Ellipsis Fee Per Semester
Undergraduate students (2 hours and above) $2
*Health, Wellness and Athletic Center Membership Fee Per Semester
Full-time undergraduate students (12 hours and above) $60
Other Fees Amount
First-Year Orientation $300
Transfer Orientation $25
Student ID Replacement $10
Alumni Audit $100 per course + $50 Technology Fee per semester
(additional $250 materials fee for Ceramics courses)
Student Teaching $100
Private Music $150 per credit hour

Certain courses require additional fees, which are listed in the course information on Self-Service. Alumni audits of ceramics courses require a $250 materials fee.

*Membership fee of $13.50 per month for part-time undergraduate students is optional and would be paid directly to the Dolores Doré Eccles Health, Wellness and Athletic Center. Summer fee is waived for students taking summer courses.

Residence Hall Charges (2023-2024)

Fall and Spring Semester

Room Semester Year
Double $3,358 $6,716
Single $4,280 $8,560
Board Semester Year
Gold Meal Plan $2,430 $4,860
Purple Meal Plan $1,923 $3,846
Copper Meal Plan (available to juniors and seniors only) $1,575 $3,150
Birch Meal Plan (available to commuter students only) $546 $1,092

Summer Housing

Room May-Term 8 - Weeks Full Summer
Single $890.33 $1,780.66 $2,671
Double $693.66 $1,387.33 $2,081

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Tuition, fees, and room and board charges are due in full, on the first day of the month the given semester begins, unless payment arrangements have been made.  Students registering late must pay in full when they register. Students unable to pay in full must make other arrangements with the Student Account Services Office by the second week of the semester. The university reserves the right to grant or deny financing for any student based on his or her credit worthiness. In addition, the university reserves the right to cancel the registration of any student who fails to comply with all terms of his or her financial obligation with the university. Additional information on this policy is available in the Student Account Services Office. Statements of credits, certificates of graduation, or transcripts are issued only to students who are current in their obligations with the university. All outstanding charges are due and payable at the time students leave the university.

Tuition Reviews

Late Withdrawal for Unusual or Extenuating Circumstances

Students sometimes face unusual or extenuating circumstances that prevent them from finishing a course or semester or otherwise complying with institutional deadlines. A Review Committee meets monthly to examine petitions made by students regarding retroactive record changes (e.g., medical withdrawal) and/or full or partial charges of tuition and fees. A student's petition, which includes a detailed letter and appropriate documentation of the unusual or extenuating circumstances, can be submitted to the Registrar's Office (Bamberger Hall, Upper Floor or registrar@westminsteru.edu). A form and specific instructions are available on the Registrar's Office website.

All petitions must be submitted within six weeks after the end of the semester in question. Absent serious extenuating circumstances, requests submitted beyond six weeks after the end of the semester will not be considered. Because tuition insurance is recommended, petitions for removal of tuition charges are rarely approved even if the committee decides to approve a change to the academic record. If a petition for refund is granted, changes will be made retroactive only to the last date of attendance, and tuition charges will be adjusted according to Westminster University's posted refund schedule found on the Student Account Services webpage. Reevaluation by the student's physician or counselor may be required prior to re-enrollment.

Following these guidelines, the Review Committee will either approve or deny all petitions. A student who thinks there has been unfair bias or encountered a procedural error made by this committee may appeal it in writing within ten calendar days to an Appeals Committee chaired by the Vice President for Finance and Administration. The decision reached by this committee is final.

NOTE: The Review Committee cannot change rules regarding the amount of federal financial aid that must be returned when a student does not fulfill program requirements. Students are encouraged to read "Withdrawing and Its Effect on Financial Aid" section in the academic catalog and call or visit the Financial Aid Office to determine specific implications for anticipated registration changes. In many cases, if a student withdraws from classes both the federal and institutional financial aid award may be adjusted and all unpaid tuition resulting from the cancellation will become due immediately.

Tuition Refund Schedule

Please refer to the Student Account Services web page for information on tuition refunds.

Tuition Insurance

All students will be automatically enrolled in a tuition insurance program through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc., and charged approximately 1.1% of their tuition and fees (including room and board) unless they choose to waive this coverage.

Many Westminster students encounter unexpected physical or mental health challenges each year. This coverage provides students and their families needed protection for their educational investment. Westminster students with tuition insurance are eligible for a 75% refund should they face injury, sickness, or mental health issues that result in withdrawing from all of their fall or spring courses. Students and families who do not want tuition insurance will need to complete a waiver each year to opt out of this coverage.

Westminster strongly encourages families to participate in tuition insurance to prevent the stresses of an all-too-common scenario: a student will experience an unexpected physical or mental tragedy, withdraw from courses, and be obligated to pay tuition. Tuition insurance allows the student to focus on their recovery and return to their studies.

Health and Accident Insurance

Students are encouraged to carry health and accident insurance. Many plans carry students on their parents' coverage if they are under the age of 27. Westminster's website has a list of many plans, as there are different options and rates available to students. Cost may vary somewhat due to the student's age. Please contact the Dean of Students Office for more information. All international students and student athletes attending Westminster University are required to carry insurance coverage. Students admitted to the nursing program are required to provide evidence of health insurance coverage.

We recommend that all students participating in activity-based Human Performance and Wellness courses (HPW), Outdoor Education, Leadership courses (OEL), and/or trips through the Fitness, Wellness, and Recreation department/Outdoor Program are encouraged to carry personal health insurance. In case of accident, injury or illness your personal health insurance will be the primary provider.

In addition, the following website link provides useful information regarding insurance options for college students. Topics covered include the industry as a whole, the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, and healthcare for the uninsured:

Understanding Health Insurance for College Students and Young Adults

The following list provides some resources to review health insurance options that may be available to you.