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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate DFS Custom

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Westminster's Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate DFS Custom consists of a one-course project-based approach where participants learn and master skills through real-world business applications while receiving mentoring from Westminster instructors who are certified Six Sigma experts. Participants are mentored toward mastery of concept and execution by expert faculty-coaches while engaging in projects related to their real work environment. The program curriculum is tied to the industry recognized certificates participants need to perform at a highly proficient level.

The course is designed to be delivered through a series of sessions, totally 64 hours of classroom instruction. Each session of the course goes through a three-stage process: theory, simulations, and practice in real-world activities, and application in the workplace. Throughout each stage, a faculty mentor is assigned to work with participants and is available to consult with participants via a number of methods (i.e., email, Canvas, phone, web conferencing, and in-person), based on the needs of program participants. The Westminster learning model is what makes the program truly distinctive and reinforces the return on investment to participants. The primary focus is on mastery: building the participant's ability to DO, as opposed to simply knowing. Each course includes:

  • The Pre-Course: participants are given materials (cases, articles, videos) to review before the in-class session to help them prepare and familiarize themselves with seminal work in the topic area.
  • The Course: participants spend the in-class session with a certified faculty-coach, practicing and deepening their ability to effectively use the knowledge and tools within the topic area.
  • The Post-Course Project: each participant is given a specific project to take back to their workplace that challenges them to continue building their abilities. The faculty-coach reviews their project work and helps each student individually continue on their path to mastery.

Successful completion of certificate program makes participants eligible to receive their Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate DFS Custom (proctored, nationally normed, criterion-referenced certification exam will be given as part of the course).

Course Description

Courses are awarded as Continuing Education Units or CEUs. One CEU represents 10 contact hours of instruction and learning activities. CEUs are generally not transferable to other institutions.

PACE 01 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate DFS Custom 6.4 CEUs
This project-based course leads to a certification in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt business process improvement program. Participants will learn the Six Sigma business transformation model, understand continuous improvement, apply organizational learning methods, and understand the value stream. Participants will complete projects to interactively engage with the theory and skills needed to successfully complete the Six Sigma Green Belt exam (taken at the end of the course).