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Leadership Certificate

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The Leadership Certificate is a non-credit, non-degree credential program built for companies and executive cohorts and features a total of ten, two-day-long courses focused on essential leadership skills. Each session goes through a three-stage process: pre-work, practice in real-world activities, and application in the workplace. Throughout each stage, a faculty coach is assigned to work with each participant and is available to consult with participants individually.

Each two-day course is devoted to a specific leadership concept and follow-on projects are coached by a Westminster faculty expert. The program is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. Limited classroom time means less distraction from work activities. Real-world projects translate into immediate return on investment for your company.

Completion of Certificate Program makes participants eligible for either:

  • Prior learning assessment credits towards an Undergraduate Project-Based Bachelor of Business Degree program (up to 12 credits)
  • Admission to the Accelerated Project-Based Masters of Business Degree Program at Westminster University (completed in four full-time semesters as opposed to the five semesters it usually takes in the Project-Based Masters of Business Degree program)

Required Courses

Requirement Description CEUs
I. Required Courses
LCP 01 You As a Leader 1.2
LCP 02 Communicate the Vision 1.2
LCP 03 Lead and Inspire 1.2
LCP 04 Inspire, Negotiate, and Coach 1.2
LCP 05 Lead Teams and Projects 1.2
LCP 06 Evaluate the Market 1.2
LCP 07 Create Strategy 1.2
LCP 08 Change & Innovate 1.2
LCP 09 Evaluate Performance 1.2
LCP 10 Lead Process Improvement 1.2
Total Unites for the Leadership Certificate 12

* Non-credit courses are recorded as Continuing Education Units or CEUs. One CEU represents 10 contact hours of instruction and learning activities. CEUs are generally not transferrable to other institutions.

LCP 01 You As a Leader 1.2 CEUs
This overarching course begins the transformation process from being effective managers to being true Leaders. This course sets the stage for the rest of the courses as individuals set a vision for their respective work units, establish a plan to achieve that vision, and motivate stakeholders. You will learn how to move the organization toward realizing its full potential by working on a follow-up project after each course. This project-based program allows employees to immediately apply their knowledge and receive coaching feedback after each course.
LCP 02 Communicate the Vision 1.2 CEUs
Craft messages and deliver presentations that propel the organization forward, that communicate a vision, and that compel others to buy into a vision.
LCP 03 Lead and Inspire 1.2 CEUs
Build highly productive talent and teams that are able to fully realize the organization's goals and vision. Use tools to challenge, promote, and retain the talent the organization needs.
LCP 04 Inspire, Negotiate, and Coach 1.2 CEUs
Use coaching tools to evoke the highest performance possible. Master the art of negotiation and conflict resolution to deepen relationships and enhance effectiveness.
LCP 05 Lead Teams and Projects 1.2 CEUs
Develop tools to lead teams and projects that deliver results on-spec, on-time and on-budget. Harness the power of teams to jump-start the achievement of organizational goals and performance.
LCP 06 Evaluate the Market 1.2 CEUs
Evaluate the external environment of the organization - competitors, clients - to uncover invaluable market intelligence and trends. Support concise and accurate strategic decision making.
LCP 07 Create Strategy 1.2 CEUs
Shape strategy that gives the organization a "global-best" market direction, even when that direction requires difficult decisions. Develop implementation plans that map a clear path toward fulfillment of strategic direction.
LCP 08 Change and Innovate 1.2 CEUs
Foster the culture and discussions necessary to keep the organization innovating, always ahead of others in the market. Evaluate and implement change that builds upon the organization's advantages and attributes.
LCP 09 Evaluate Performance 1.2 CEUs
Measure and evaluate the organization's track record, using validated metrics that assess the company's client, finance, process, and productivity parameters, as well as strategic global achievement.
LCP 10 Lead Process Improvement 1.2 CEUs
Rebuild and reinvigorate processes in collaboration with key stakeholders to move the organization closer to its goals. Map, evaluate, and execute processes that enhance overall performance.