Guiding Organizational Change Simulation

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Courses are awarded as Continuing Education Units or CEUs. CEUs are generally not transferable to other institutions.

PACE 26 Guiding Organizational Change Simulation 6.4 CEUs
This simulation course requires Project Managers to: (1) exercise the complete range of Project Management tools and techniques while managing a significant corporate project, and (2) develop a valuable new set of leadership skills held by a select few - guiding others through the unsettling distress of major changes to their organization. The class will develop and assess each student’s ability to guide a team through actual, real-time projects with multiple, simultaneous, overlapping, organizational changes. During the course students will learn practical skills that will help and their project team get through changes faster, with less pain, and with better outcomes. This course is a requirement towards the Advanced Project Management Certificate. This is a hour course, requiring in-class simulations, along with supplemental reading and course work. Project Management Institute principles are applied throughout the course.