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Business Certificate Series

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Faculty: Richard Haskell, PhD

Learning Goals

  • Obtain high level overview of listed subject matter
  • Develop comprehension of the language of business
  • Introduce students to basic methods and structures of business

Learning Methods

  • Video-based content on select topics
  • Participate in short quizzes (multiple choice, true/false, etc)
  • Prepare solution to problem sets on module topics
  • Prepare comprehensive course project


Learners come to Westminster expecting to experience an engaging comprehensive education. While they certainly receive what they’ve come for, many find themselves needing more and often realize there’s something missing in their education experience to make the most of the years they have on our campus and those that follow. Learners may have come here to pursue a non-business degree, but eventually understand they may also need something more to reach their full potential in highly competitive labor markets.

The Center for Financial Wellness has prepared the Business Certificate Series to aide learners whose education hasn’t focused on business have a broader foundation on which they can get the most out of their careers.

Offered as non-matriculated, non-credit bearing, asynchronous, self-paced and autonomous learning experiences the courses seek to enrich the lives of our learners, extend the reach of our university, and positively impact the Westminster Experience. Each course includes a series of video modules and short quizzes, and wraps up with a comprehensive problem set or project to evidence the student’s comprehension of the subject matter. Each course is expected to take 15-25 hours to complete and results in the student earning a certification of completion from the Center for Financial Wellness and Bill & Vieve Gore School of Business.

The Business Certificate Series offers learners an opportunity to gain a simplified and applied understanding of select disciplines offered in the business school. The courses provide learners a basic understanding of the subject and introduces them to its language and structure without the depth and richness available by taking more complete and rigorous courses included in our major and minor programs. The following courses provide an introduction to each of the listed subjects:

Courses CEUs
BCS 101 - Intro to Accounting 2
BCS 102 - Intro to Finance 2
BCS 103 - Intro to Investing 2
BCS 104 - Intro to Taxation 2
BCS 105 - Intro to Economics 2
BCS 106 - Intro to Real Estate 2
BCS 107 - Intro to Business Valuation 2
BCS 108 - Intro to Entrepreneurship 2