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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Admission Requirements

Admission to the program is based on an evaluation of demonstrated academic ability and professional experience. Successful completion of undergraduate courses in pathophysiology, pharmacology, health assessment, statistics, and research will be evaluated during the review of applications. Students enter the program at the beginning of Fall semester and may complete the 42 credit requirements within five semesters, including one summer semester.

A candidate for admission must submit the following materials to the Office of Graduate Admissions:

  • Completed application form
  • $50 application fee
  • One-page essay answering one of the following questions (200 words or less):
    • Why is the IOM Future of Nursing Report (October 2010) important to the DNP prepared APRN?
    • How do you see yourself, as a DNP prepared APRN, bringing about a systems or policy change to lead an interdisciplinary team within your organization?
    • Do you think that requiring a DNP degree will further increase the primary care provider shortage in the United States?
  • Two professional recommendations which speak to applicant’s ability to be successful in the DNP. This might include comments regarding clinical skills, critical thinking, independent decision making, and collaborative skills, leadership, etc.
  • Professional resume detailing professional work experience, including relevant job titles, work experiences, responsibilities, and related activities
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended showing proof of MS earned from an accredited school of nursing, as well as a regionally accredited institution, with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Transcripts or test scores are considered official when sent directly from the school or testing service.
  • Current unencumbered APRN license in the State of Utah
  • Proof of current national board certification
  • Background check performed by (must be free of criminal arrest). View background check instructions.
  • Negative drug testing (10-panel, urine test) results performed by View drug screen instructions.

Due Upon Acceptance Into the Program:

  • Documentation of current immunizations (including COVID-19 immunizations, MMR, TDAP, PPD, polio, varicella/chickenpox, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B).
  • The following titers, no more than 3 years old: Hep B, Varicella, Measles, Mumps, Rubella.

Upon completion of the application file with all required documentation, according to application dates, the individual’s application materials are submitted to the DNP Admissions Committee for review. A personal interview with DNP faculty will be arranged by the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. Once accepted to the Doctor of Nursing Practice program, applicants must submit $250 tuition deposit within 30 days, which guarantees a place in the entering class. Westminster operates rolling admissions, so it is best to apply as soon as possible. To preserve the faculty to student ratio, space availability in each class is limited. Westminster University reserves the right to close the class earlier than date specified if enrollment goals are met before those dates.

Note: Currently enrolled MSN: FNP students at Westminster University may qualify for a waiver for letters of recommendation and can have their drug screen and background check carried over from their MSN: FNP application. Currently enrolled MSN students at any institution may qualify for provisional admission if applying prior to the completion of their APRN and National Nurse Certifications. Please contact the Graduate Admissions Office at 801.832.2201 or with questions.